Gym, Drag, and Visits.

well today was a day for visiting and drags. (cars, people, not queens!)

Don and I went to town to quote a friend for a wiring job, and from there to visit a friend in Perth (Tas) to pick up some stuff. Between town and the friend's place, Don decided he wanted to go to the Drag Races and catch up with some old friends. so off we went.  Boredom plus, as far as the actual racing is concerned. but some of the people are great. we now have Elise and Bono coming for dinner next Saturday.

Gym: well, I thought about going on Friday, but no, didn't work out. life happened.  Dad came to visit, which was cool, but he forgot his books, which I have no room for.

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One thought on “Gym, Drag, and Visits.

  1. No Queens? Damn.. I don't find drag races all that fun either. I've never been to a meet before but if they're anything like they are on TV then they're as exciting as watching paint dry and I presume twice as smelly. Mmmm.. burnt rubber.. yumm..

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