My Life and steel…

well, last week I got two piercings, one in my right earlobe, and one in the top of my ear, and I'm quite pleased, the top of my ear hurts if I bump it, but is generally fine. the other place steel turns up is getting some moles taken out, that happens on Monday. I'm banned from the gym

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3 thoughts on “My Life and steel…

  1. I had my ears pierced but I let them grow over. Stupid me will have to get them done again as I have these lovely jade earrings from Venice. I totally get the pain though, I had studs when I had mine down and the back of the stud kept catching in the pillow. I'll gym enough for both of us. It'll give me a chance to get a bit fitter so I can keep up when you get back. 😀

  2. You are a big wuss! I've had my nose pierced before – now that hurts. More than getting your tongue done apparently. By the way this is Olivia incase you were wondering. I'll have to add you to msn I just realised. Decided to f*ck around a bit after that stupid bloody great big computer security assignmen *phew*

  3. I can report on both situations. I recently got my ears re-pierced and I still remember the pain of getting my nose pierced. Which is worse? The actual piercing of the nose hurts waaaaay more than getting your ears pierced. However, the weeks of recovery is worse for pierced ears. You're more likely to hit your poor sore ears against something (pillow, hair comb, earphones, etc) than you are to hit your nose – unless you're a professional boxer! Plus noses heal quicker due to more blood flow in the area.

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