Assignments are over! (Cue Exams)

So, the assignments are over for now, but Exams loom! 28th, 30th, 31st of October, and the 6th November.  Glad I don't have anything after that: Sister's birthday on the 10th, Don's on the 12th, so there's a small matter of 2 parties to organise… (one with my family (Combined Sister/Don party), the other with Don's family)

I'm at work right now verifying the DVD I've just burnt as part of the archive, and copying the data for the next Disc. Hip-hip hooray. only 27-odd left to do. it's really quite boring. Copy, Zip, Burn. loop ad infinitum. fabulous. however it means that I can socialise if other workmates have time…

Mobile and Ubiquitous was close… very close! C and I submitted our assignments with 20 min spare. I'm fairly sure we've done well enough to get a credit each.  CSec is fabulous! I got a total of 19 out of 20, with 9.75/10 for my individual part! hurrah! Mind you, Olivia got 10/10 for her individual bit. Goddammit! she beat me for the first CSec assignment as well, with 100% vs. my 91% but then, I guess she's just that good, hey?

Good luck to all of you with exams happening, and for the younger of you, who still have classes happening, Ha Ha! (actually, good luck with that too 🙂 )

well, back to work peeps!

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2 thoughts on “Assignments are over! (Cue Exams)

  1. You have the worst line up of exams I've ever seen. Not only do we have Mobile and Ubiquitous on the first possible day for exams (Saturday at that) but you have on almost every day after that.Mine are Saturday, the following Saturday and the following Thursday. All closed book though. 3 hours. Stuck in that gym. Damn, I hope I don't get stuck next to a 'sniffer'. "What are the 3 most important points to remember about rastorisation?" *sniff* *sniff*Good luck to you about that too.

  2. Tell me about it! I was whinging because I had one tomorrow and then on Monday. But I don't ALSO have another one the day after that!! And at least I graduate this year so there's nothing more left to do!!! YAY!! Oh wait… if I get too cocky I'll probably fail and I'll be at uni again next year. Good luck 🙂

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