‘Twas the night before Xams…

…and all through the state, all the students were moaning, 'bout assessments etc

ah screw this, I can't compose prose properly right now.

I've just finished my Mobile and Ubiq revision, most of my CSec revision, and most of my Programming and Data Structures revision.  and the Mobile and Ubiquitous exam is tomorrow. I'm actually feeling fairly confident about it… unlike about 3 days ago! 😀

good luck to Miss C and Lady Livia. and I'll see you both tomorrow a touch before 1pm for the M+U Exam.

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One thought on “‘Twas the night before Xams…

  1. Well Mobile and ubiq wasn't too bad, and I was surprised by the CSec one too. I think they asked fairly easy questions or maybe I just knew more than I thought, OR mabye I'm over confident? Last one for me is not till next Thursday. So that gives me at least tonight and tomorrow to have a break weeeeeee!!

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