Data Structures and Bloody Julian

So yesterday I had my third of four exams, third of the three over the last four days.

Mobile and Ubiquitous: No real dramas, there were a couple of odd questions, but nothing that I couldn't put something down for. expecting Credit/Distinction

Computer Security: Missed one Question: "In Operating System security, what do the letters TCB stand for? What is a TCB?" The Answer was a Trusted Computing Base. and it's a platform where resources can only be accessed via a Trusted Pathway. bugger, but oh well. Distinction/HD expected.

Programming and Data Structures: Nightmarish; Missed nothing, but was writing up until the end of the time basically, 2 minutes to spare.  Question 1 on the paper got corrected half and hour into the exam (ie after I'd answered it) and one of the questions worth 25% of the exam marks was nasty. we were told to consider a Vehicle Registration Database. asked 2 questions at a State Level: What underlying Data Structure would you use and why (Array/Linked List), what ADT would you use to implement it? (Binary Tree, General Tree, Queue, Stack etc)
I said Binary Tree: with a LL. "Infinite" Growth potential (LL) combined with quick searching (BinTree).
then they said "there are 8 state databases, and they are all linked in a federal system, how would you implement this (same questions as before) I said Array (finite and relatively unchanging number of items, similar in number to the maximum elements in the array) and a Stack would be suitable. (Sequential Access is all that's required since for most items you'd just search through each state before going to the next(well, you'd start threads and run it concurrently, but that's not the point.)) then we had to implement it. well, Binary Trees are easy to implement provided you can determine "before" and "after" a given value. guess what we weren't given in the "LicensePlate Class" (which was a constructor followed by "…") and we were told we could assume it had getter and setter methods.  I spent ages writing (in the State DB thing) how you'd determine the before/after status. then after sinking into despair, I went on to other questions. as I got back to the question at hand I realised "assume a 'before' 'after' and 'getNextNum' method exists in LicensePlate" and then instead of 3 pages for 1.5 methods, it was 2 pages for the whole State Class.

Bloody Lecturers.

Monday, got the stitches out of my back!
I'm all clear, no mole issues at all!

my desk is clear again! wow it looks nice. I have to work much better at keeping my desk looking good.

Today was good, I worked, I work at the Timber Research Unit, and I've just about finished the archiving. on to fixing the weather station issues. The people there are great, so much fun to work with.

I gave C a sippy cup for use at Degrees. (she spills things there, ask Michelle)

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One thought on “Data Structures and Bloody Julian

  1. Wow you are more optomistic than I am. Although I guess you got all distinctions/HDs last semester so why not. My marks fluctuate a fair bit depending on how focused I am that particular semester! I always think to myself "As long as I pass I'm happy". I can never tell how well I've done anyway. Congrats on finishing all your exams by the way, I have my last one tomorrow morning, and it really is my last one as its last one forever!! (As long as I pass everything). I don't like to get too cocky incase I jinx myself. Which has been known to happen… like the time I said "Oh I never pay for parking meters and never get fined" and that same week got 3 tickets….

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