And so, friends, this is how freedom is won. not in battles with swords or guns, but by putting down the damn pen at the end of your last exam and feeling your hands magically uncramp! The Tas University system now has only cursory control over me until next semester begins (I work at the uni now.) and it feels fantastic! (having said that, I'm blogging from the uni right now).

I'm loving Telstra right now.  The NextG network is supposed to have much better coverage than the GSM network, so Don and I are getting new phones, Samsung's A701 to be precise. It's a nice looking phone, and the fact that we might actually have mobile connection at home was the deciding factor. (that and it's costing us the same amount as we were spending before with two brand new phones into the bargain)

Lady Livia has her last exam ever coming up, as does the Divine Miss C and I wish them both the absolute best of luck with it! C dear, you can beat Mr Cameron-Jones! I'm sure of it!

we have new shelves up! I've been painting them, and, I've just discovered in the mirror here at work, that I have bright blue paint in my hair… bugger.

and now I'm waiting for DVDs to copy. It's almost as much fun as watching the paint dry yesterday! ah well, life goes on and it's easy money.

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One thought on “Freedom!

  1. Thanks, D! I think I beat him. We'll have to wait and see, as I can't predict how well I did in an exam. We saw him walking the hallways later and I might have kind of made a somewhat rude gesture. He didn't see me, as you know he refuses to look at students if he can help it. But still, it was therapeutic and everyone else was feeling the same way.

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