Work, or a lack of

Well, it seems like my time of work is coming to an end…

At the moment all projects regarding IT (that's us) have been put on hold. I
have been informed that there is not enough budget for you to be working at
the moment and not for full days either.
As the role was a part time support role for only a couple of hours a week.
This means that the current budget has been significantly drained by the
full days that you have been in there. I will find out what is possible for
work in the coming weeks. but for now have a break and this week off i will
talk more to you next week when we know whats going on.

So, we'll see, there's lots that still needs doing around the place. I don't quite understand how the budget was drained by me doing full days as opposed to me spending half days, and taking double the calendar time to complete the task. that just puts all their other timelines out unnecessarily.
ah well, work was good while it lasted, and I have enough to do on this project to complete the day. at which point I'm just going to have to go home one last time… it's a shame, this is a great place to work…

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