The Telstra Saga Finishes!

Yesterday, I went to Crazy Johns after trying a couple of places in town to see if they had the A701s in stock, since, having called Telstra at 2pm that day, I found out they were out of stock on the bloody things and I was now looking @ the 22nd at the earliest.  Tried Signing up on Tuesday, but my application was blocked courtesy of the misappropriated debt as per Telstra Corp Must Die. I didn't have order numbers or receipt numbers with me, as I was in town, and hadn't expected any problems with all this stuff. HAH!

Today, I went in and got myself all set up, I have my A701 now! it's a beautiful little phone. but because people were out of stock, I missed out on a 512MB MicroSD Card (approx AU$30). I called Telstra Direct Marketing, and made a bunch of complaints, such as never receiving the call from the manager I was supposed to etc. and then told them I wanted them to send me a MicroSD Card. They told me they couldn't. I told them that the reason I didn't have it is their fault. They told me that they're sorry, but they still can't. I told them I at least want a $30 credit to my account by way of apology. They headed off to check that was ok with a colleague. They returned and asked me how much the card was. I responded saying that they were worth $30 at Crazy John's in Launceston. He gave me the credit at that point, and asked if there was anything else I wanted to do. I said that cancelling the order was a good move, since I already had the phone I'd ordered through them, I then mentioned that I would never deal through Telstra Direct again.

Crazy John's were fantastic. helpful, friendly, and actually knowledgeable! I got a good deal on accessories, their MegaPack (or SuperPack, or whatever it is) Bluetooth Headset, Phone Case, Car Charger, and 1yr Extended warranty for AU$99. fabulous, especially when you realise that the headset they supplied retails for around AU$99 on it own

So this is the headset, a Motorola H605, a very nice, very comfy piece of equipment. I drive at least 2 hours a day, so a comfy bluetooth item is really important.

Pack Value:
    Headset : $99
    Case : $25
    Car Charger : $20
    Warranty : $50

So we're looking @ almost 50% off.

and I know someone's going to wonder… no, I don't work for Crazy John's, nor do I know anyone who does, and they have not provided me with any incentive with knowledge that I would make this sort of a post. this is me saying they're fab. Fab Fab Fab.

Well, that's pretty much it for today.

oh, and to you, Dear Telstra Direct Marketing, "Eat S*** and die!"

Telstra have a great network, and everything works just fine unless you have to actually talk to someone. then you're screwed.

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