The results are in…

well well well! that time of of year (the one I can't type to save myself)

In fact, the results are in!

Programming with Data Structures : 67% = Credit
Operating Systems: 69% = Credit
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing : 74% = Distinction
Computer Security : 82% = High Distinction

That seems pretty good, feels less so when contrasted with 3xHD plus a Distinction… but ah well, all I do next year for honours is pass, and I'm in! (not that that would ever be good enough)

besides that, there have been minor frustrations with the band at church. there's a concert thing at Longford this weekend, and I went to the practice for it and for the rest of Advent (Dec + part of Jan), and being a musician and singer, attempted to help people keep in time, pointing out problems where half the band was singing one rhythm and the rest sang another. One of the members apparently had enough, and made a bunch of snide remarks about me not being there for the concert at longford (tomorrow, and it's one of those rare Sundays where I'm saying I'm gonna keep the afternoon for me).  I'm pernickety, and I'm a perfectionist, but in music, those things are basically required for it to sound good. -especially- with choral type music

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