Well, I've been at church most weeks recently getting up to talk about the 2006 Moscow Pride March, mainly because it was happening again. Anyone who watched ABC news monday 28th May, would have seen the horrific stuff that went on there, and I'm ashamed to say, perpetrated and sanctified by *spits* -Christians-.  I'd love to disown them, say that they're the Russian Orthodox Christians, and nothing to do with us. But I can't… because they choose to label themselves Christian, what they do there, in the name of their religion, impacts on the way Christianity is viewed here and worldwide.

for those new to the despicable acts of the Moscow Mayor and Russian Orthodox Church, in collaboration with the Russian Neo-Nazi movement, check out (the english version) and look up the Mayor's statements, ie that homosexuality is satanic. and the Christians, in the weeks preceding the event predicted that "gay blood would be shed"

Check it out… I don't know what we can do to help, but I want to do -something-

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4 thoughts on “Moscow

  1. But you are doing something. Up until now I had no idea that this type of persecution was just as prevalent in Russia as it is in the states. I read the article to which you are refering to, along with many others on the website, and I completely agree with you. "Militant christians" and the unjustified abuse they gave gives a bad name to all christians, despite their views of LGBTs. The tolerance to homosexuality in the states is steadily rising as many of our nation's politicians and sport idols have expressed positive opinions of the gay community, despite a stubbourn president.

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