Welcome to another post about little… I didn't like today's QotD or Vox Hunt, so you just get this…

Today was fun, I went into town with things to do, and the longer I was there, the fewer things needed doing, not because I did them, but because they righted themselves :)  So I got to spend time with the Divine Miss C in the morning, which is always fun. I was supposed to help diagnose her network issues, which righted themselves the night before, apparently.  We spent ages talking about stuff and watched Mac ads… she showed me the only one I hadn't yet seen on Austar which I saw tonight before writing this blog entry. Unsurprisingly when I'm involved, much coffee was consumed.

Then it was off to Don's Sister's place, where I was supposed to help her with netbank issues, which righted themselves only after I made the time to go over.  So she and I sat down and had coffee and chatted about lots of stuff, amazingly we got from broadband availability to death with only one real topic change in between: Real Estate.  and even that wasn't a topic change so much as a gradual shift through that topic en route to death. but it was a great conversation, I love Don's sister, and I usually have great conversations with her.

In my last social visit of the day, I met up with my close friend Rayna, (not her real name), who I went to college (yrs 11/12, for those outside Tassie) with…  I left in 2002, she in 2003, and we had a great year.  It's been really strange: I first met Rayna in Primary School, (in my classes through 1990-1992 I think) and then nothing for about 10 years. Then we met up in College again, she in year 11, I in year 12, doing a subject together, Information Systems… I've had great fun telling you about some of the stuff I got up to in year 12 Info Systems, and Rayna's my Co-conspirator.   Jim Eaton had so much crap to say about the topic he knew nothing of.  To this day, I'm sure we taught the class most of their learning, particularly when it came to his stupid little MS Office Excercises.  Write a letter, incorporate mail merge… stuff I did in year 9/10, as did Rayna.  So we met for coffee, and talked about anything and everything, I haven't seen her since 2002, so there was a great deal to catch up on.  but it looks like she'll be up on a semi-regular basis, so we'll be able to catch up more often.  We were just discussing the continuum of sexuality, and who should wander past us but Ange, which made me laugh… who didn't notice me on the way in, or so it seems, but on the way out she came over and sat down with us and chatted, which was really nice, and fun, and meant I was able to intro Rayna to one of my friends. Then Kat turned up while Ange was there, and we talked to her too, they left, and we chatted some more about family and stuff, and I learnt some stuff about Rayna's life while I was in Launceston that I wasn't aware of before… I didn't realise she'd done it quite so tough… but that's her story, and I'll let her tell it if she wants to

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