Victorian Adoption and our Illustrious Leader

EvilWombatQueen posted about this in more detail, and I see no reason to make an identical post here,

In short,

The Victorian Law Reform Commission has recommended to the Victorian Parliament that gay couples be allowed to adopt and lesbians have access to IVF treatment.

PRIME Minister John Howard says he is opposed to gay couples adopting children and heterosexual adoption is a benchmark society should maintain.

Mr Howard said today he believed children should ideally have a mother and a father.

"I know for some that sounds harsh, I don't think it's harsh, I think it's something that most people believe is the desired, the ideal outcome.

news article

I agree with EWQ's rant, and have one more bit to add:
"But Australian Families Association spokeswoman Angela Conway said the changes pandered to the gay agenda without considering the best interests of children."

hmmm… the best interests of the children wouldn't happen to include providing them with a stable home and parents who really love them, by any chance… because one major factor in the whole issue that no-one at all seems to think about, is that gay parents will only be having kids because they want them! If the condom breaks, pregnancy isn't the concern, it's STIs (for non-monogamous or couples where one partner has an STI from previous activity). Lesbians don't need to take the pill for contraceptive purposes. Inherent in our same-sex attraction is the fact that unless we do something which is against our nature (sleep with a person of the opposite sex) we can't have a child.  Is it in the best interests of children to leave them starving in foreign orphanages, etc when there are people who genuinely want a child, want to provide them with a good life?

I want to have children someday, but I see no reason to bring one more into a world where there are millions of babies who need parents, any parents, people who will care for them. The ban on international adoption (not sure if it's a state or federal thing, that one) for gay parents is bad enough.  Here in Tasmania at least, if one of you is biological parent to a child, your partner can adopt them. (although there is no presumed parenthood, you have to go through all the motions of a regular adoption, parenting classes, income tests, etc)

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One thought on “Victorian Adoption and our Illustrious Leader

  1. Another important point to mention is that there are no restrictions on heterosexual couples having children. So anyone, no matter how unsuitable, can have children purely because they are heterosexual. I think this is very wrong – think of all the criminals and drug addicts who are allowed to have children! The other point to mention is that there is such a thing as single parents, i.e. families that don't have both a mother and father and I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure single women can have IVF treatment (not entirely sure about that one). So what's the difference?

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