Exams & Friends

Well, today, as some of you know, was my first exam for the semester, Human Computer Interaction… a kinda cool subject about interface design.  However, it's a very subjective topic, and so it's not necessarily what you say, as much as the justification as to why that's the case.  I'm fine with that in an assignment setting, or a time when I have access to whatever resources I like. I freak out about it a little when I have 30 minutes to write an essay on why that screen looks like shit.  (and it did. it was disgusting. I'm not kidding.)

So I crapped on about continuity a hell of a lot, the fact that it had about 3 different colour schemes, depending on what section of the site you're checking. (you could really draw lines between scheme a,b, and c).  the fonts didn't match up, text boxes broke out of containers… it was a schomozzle of a page (for reference, it was the Novotel website viewed in (what appears to be) Safari)

There were a couple of questions I thought "what the fuck?"  and there were a large quantity of mobile-device-specific questions.  I wouldn't mind, except that there is a whole unit dedicated to mobile devices. It's called "Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing" and yes, HCI plays a part, but it is in no way only (or even mainly) applicable to mobile devices.  It's applicable to anything you use, including analogue world objects.

after, I caught up with Miss C and Ben, and that was nice, they'd been shopping.
I alwayus love hanging out with B&C

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