Today was exam 2 of 3… Algorithms.

Dijkstra's, Kruskal's, Sorting… it was actualy alright, I think I did really well (and yes C, I'm happy to be -good- at algorithms :P)

There was one question I know I didn't get… Dynamic Programming… I could see the right way to go intuitively, but I couldn't find a deterministic method (ie to write the algorithm I was supposed to) so I wrote one that found a non-worst solution rather than a best solution. I figure that I might get something for using design techniques.

so that's all I have to report really.

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2 thoughts on “Algorithms

  1. um… yes, Counter-intuitivity may have worked… perhaps… I don't know how, but it might have…On the bright side, I know no-one really did well on that section. So all I can do is hope I aced the rest, (which I think I did)

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