Lots of catchup! Vox Fixed!

Courtesy of major issues with ym Vox Display, I haven't been posting at all… but it seems to work now, so it's all good!

Marks came out: I got 3 HDs (Algorithms, Logic, and Project) and a Distinction (Human-Computer Interaction), and I'm really stoked about that!

I ordered and have received a PDA! it's an ASUS MyPal A639, and it's a cool little machine.  I've been playing with it a bit, and think I have the handwriting recog sufficient to use as a note-taker.

C, B+J, Nephikins, and I all went to Hobart on the w/e to play Laser Skirmish and go out.  it was fantastic fun… Poor C though… she got relegated to the other team.  She really should have made B go to the other team for suggesting that -I- should be the one to go to the other team.

Then we went out! We went to the Queer Collaborations afterparty, and had a great time, C, Nephikins and I walked back to the hotel, leaving about 20 minutes before B+J, but B+J beat us back to the hotel because they cheated and caught a taxi.  I even got up and danced! (I'm not a dancery person, I think I need to be taught). I then found out we could have had a similar hotel in a similar location for less than half the cost had I only talked to my sister-in-law first. instead of getting 2 rooms + a foldup bed for $265, we could have had a 2BR apartment and foldout bed for around $85.  talk about frustrating.  Both were right on salamanca, both were 4 stars. ah well, next time!

um, what else, Uni starts again tomorrow. and I know what days my classes will be… infuriatingly, none of them will be on Fridays, when I have to come into town regardless of what else is going on.  I'm looking forward to it… it's the last semester of my uni coursework, and with my marks, I'll have to actually fail something to not be eligible for honours next year! Woohoo!

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6 thoughts on “Lots of catchup! Vox Fixed!

  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on your results, Dylan. You'll have no problem getting into Honours with those sort of marks! What course are you studying? Are you planning on doing post-grad as well?

  2. I've had a great run with my other marks too! last year was 4HDs, 2DNs and 2CRs,I'm doing a uTas Bachelor of Computing. In the past I believe it may have been called the Bachelor of Applied Computing or something similar… programming and databases and web and stuff. Post-grad is on the cards as a part-time thing… I wanna be a Dr, but at the same time, I want to buy a house in town, Dr = nice-to-have, in town=good-for-my-sanity. (I live 45 min away from the closest city, if you can call it that, and while I like the country, in terms of long-term residence, coupled with the Tassie attitude regarding distance… ("What! 45 minutes? how on earth do you do it!?!?") My partner owns this place, his parents cleared the block, so I'm not going to ask him to abandon it and sell up, but for social little-ole-me, I find it frustrating and depressing, never having people just drop round for coffee… apparently my house warrants an overnight stay, which btw, means the floor, as our guest bedroom/annexed caravan is still one of the things up to be reno'd)um, so, I'd love to do postgrad, and one day I will, but it's one of those things I'll come back to, I think… unless I win the lotto, then I'll have the place in town, and provided I'm vaguely sensible with the $, we'll be able to live comfortably regardless.

  3. Yeah, I couldn't imagine trying to do a doctorate and buy a house at the same time. The good thing about doing a PhD is that if you get the marks (which is sounds like you are doing) you can get an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship. They're worth about $20,000 per year which isn't much compared to many full time wages, but it's a hell of a lot more than Austudy! I'm not sure what rent is like in Tassie, but would that cover at least renting a flat in town to help ease your sanity while you study? If so then it might be worth asking your uni administrator or research department about APA scholarships. After all, if you're planning on doing your PhD you might as well be paid for it so you can get it done in 3 years!Then again a break from study can sometimes be a good thing. Especially if you're young and you went straight into tertiary education from high school.

  4. well… I guess I did, at that… I'm 22, and went from year 12 to doing an experimental combined TAFE/Uni course, which was shithouse (I think the program's been canned, deemed untenable), I think I got easter off, and half-holidays every now and then during the rest of the year. At the end of the year, I was a wreck. (I also had TAFE classes running through exam times and stuff). So I just did full time TAFE until I completed my DipIT(Network Engineering), then full time Uni, (I got a year's credit for the DipIT) which is where I am now. that's a great point about the scholarships though, I hadn't thought about those… I just looked it up, the actual figure is $19,616 which would totally do the rent thing and related expenses, and pay off most of my car… (having an electrician Husband is -quite- handy) truth told, $20K/yr has the makings of a tidy house deposit too… you'll know, are scholarships taxable income?

  5. According to my uni APAs are tax free. I need to double check that before I do my tax, though!If you feel like a break from studying it might be worth seeing if you can apply for an APA later on, or if you can defer after being accepted. Whether you want to go straight into PhD depends on how you feel about continuing with your study another three years. I was lucky on two counts. Firstly, I'm over 30 so I had a big break before doing my undergrad. As a result I'm not that keen on getting back to the workforce – been there, done that, whinged constantly! Secondly, my undergrad was very vocational – design. Very hands on and not much reading, writing or researching. I love academic stuff and so this is actually almost a holiday for me. Better than going back to work, anyway!It's worth thinking about it now and asking your uni about it, even before you start Honours. I didn't even consider doing a PhD until a lecturer virtually twisted my arm. By then the applications were due in a few weeks (they are a nightmare!) which was when all of my Honours year projects were due. If I had my time again I'd have looked into it a lot earlier!

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