QotD: Little Known Facts

What are five things that most people don't know about you? 
Submitted by mika.

Hmmmm, I'm pretty open and honest about my life, so if people know me, they know most of the stuff about me.
1) I know how to hand-stitch teddy bears… (yes, some of you suspect, but none of you actually -know- that…. er, until now)  I made one for my 2nd cousin a few years back, while my cousin was still pregnant with him.

2) I was born in Melbourne… it's necessary to hide that fact to be accepted in Tassie, it's hard enough to fit in as a 3rd gen Taswegian, let alone a 1st.

3) I belong to a queer family… actually, that's not true, everyone does kinda know this, my brother's gay, and my sister's only a matter of time, I'm sure.  Everyone comments on it.

4) I used to make pretty glass plates in high school.  hard to believe, I'm sure, but even in year 9, I did elegance.I even taught some year 7/8s how to do it, kiln-formed glassware.

5) I can play the piano.  not remarkably well, since I'm incredibly out of practice, but I can play if I need to… one of these days, I'll get back behind my keyboard and make beautiful music.  One day, I'll get back into writing music too.

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