QotD: Courage Under Fire

Tell us about a time when you were brave. 
Submitted by Hops.

I don't know if it was brave, or fedupness, or what, but it was the day I broke up with my first boyfriend.  I'd moved in with him, and we were interviewing a potential flatmate, it was a real get-to-know-you kinda thing, a barbecue, it was nice, good food, etc. and then he accused me of cheating. Again. (perennial issue that came up in that relationship)  I was furious.  I did The Right Thing. I walked off to the riverview platform (it was a park we were bbqing at) to cool down.  I didn't cool down… I simmered.  I stood there for 10 minutes or so. I walked back to the barbecue area quite calmly, but with purpose, walked up to him in a smooth, steady movement, and slapped him across the mouth as hard as I could, accompanied by "How fucking DARE you!"  On the walk back to our apartment, with flatmate potential in tow, he said "you do know we're not together anymore"
"I knew It was over before I slapped you."

That was the brave bit.

it all got quite freaky after that. we got back to the apartment, drank some more, and decided it was bedtime.  3 guys, 1 Queen bed, 1 Single.  I offered to sleep in the single Bed, and let Bastard share with Potential, rather than sleeping in the same bed as the person who just slapped him.  Bastard decided that Potential and I would sleep together, sharing the single bed. Further oddness. I removed my belt to allow for slightly more comfortable sleeping.  5 minutes after we got in bed, Bastard came in "So are you fucking yet?"  "We're both fully clothed, no, we're not going to be fucking, we're just trying to sleep" 5 minutes later, he barges in "you getting any yet?" "no! trying to sleep" then a third time… Potential and I decided that this wasn't working, and we went back to Potential's place to get some sleep.  I was pretty blech, but at the same time, I'd been prepared for this to happen, I knew it was only a matter of time before I was accused again, so I'd come to terms with the end of the relationship before it had occurred.

I got text messages from Bastard, "I miss you" the following morning, "obviously you don't miss me" when I didn't respond.  Followed eventually by "get your stuff, I'm moving out on Thursday" (in violation of the lease, and not what he did at all, I'll add) Breaking up with Bastard was probably the second-best decision of my life. The best being my decision to "marry" Don.

For the record, I protected Bastard's name throughout the story.  No more… Rodney Gould (that's og_dick on gaydar.com.au), you're a Bastard, I hope you read this, and know that my only regret about that day was that it didn't come sooner.  Potential, you know who you are, and I'm glad you came along, and that we're still great friends.

Finally, For the record, I did end up getting some that night… I was "with" Potential for a few months after Rodney and I broke up.  We made good lovers, but it quickly became obvious after we broke up that we made far better friends.

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3 thoughts on “QotD: Courage Under Fire

  1. GOOD FOR YOU! (I'm sorry if this is intruding, I just read the answers to the QotD at work because I have nothing else to do, haha!)
    I wish I could say the same about my ex. It was strong of me to finally end it, but it would've been so much stronger if I'd done it before when he caused me so much emotional heartache and stress that I actually thought I needed to die to get away from my life.
    That guy put me through SO much and I'm so strong for getting out of it – it was the kind of relationship where you think you're in love, but you're just so used to it that you don't know if you can be on your own anymore. That, and I actually WAS in love with him in the beginning, until he moved off to LA and totally changed who he was (while we were together).
    So anyway. Good for you, most definitely brave. Especially since I've always wanted to slap that creep for cheating on me and his reasoning behind it (to make me hate him.. wtf, self destruct much?). Kudos to you for slapping.

  2. You're not intruding at all. And thanks for the kudos…everyone else has gasped and/or laughed when I've told this story, and they've been laughing with me, but no-one has ever actually said "good for you" about this story before… thankyou, I appreciate it. I'm also going to send this in a PM to make sure you see it

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