QotD: My 15 Minutes

What would you consider to be your 15 minutes of fame so far in life?


It wasn't 15 minutes, but I'm going to go with the time I went to The Forum, a discussion on GLBTI equality not long before the Relationships Act was passed here in Tas.  I was broadcast on state TV, right in the centre of the frame in the audience…. I tell you, that was interesting to explain to the conservative church I used to attend before I moved to Launceston…

I'm an honest person, and I'm proud to be able to say that I don't lie.  The simple fact of the matter is that most of the time, you don't need to.  A technically true statement will almost always do better than a lie, and when people realise what you meant, they may watch me more carefully in future, but they know that when I say something is so, then it is the case (to the best of my (rather shaky) recollection & (more stable) knowledge).

I cloaked myself in the truth, and said "A transgender friend of mine wanted to go, but wanted someone to go with her for support" Which is technically true, and considering the question I was asked was "why were you there" it's all they needed to know… I felt justified when I got the response "Well, I guess we need to love these people too, love the sinner, hate the sin…" 

I HATE that phrase.  how can you do that when the sinner is partially personally defined by the sin? (it's not a sin, it's a beautiful expression of God's diversity, by the way)

So I was -the- person to talk to that weekend, for all the wrong reasons, but there it is…

for the record, that was in 2003, and I'd only been out to my parents for a couple of months.  If the same people asked me again now, I'm not sure exactly what I'd say, but unlike last time, my response wouldn't be based on how I think they'd react outwardly, but on whether I think they're in a place where they can deal with it.  And truth be told, I'd probably just tell them anyway, and if they have a problem, well, they'll get over it eventually, or not. *shrugs*  Point is, it's up to them at that point

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