Geek Retail Therapy…

Well, courtesy of the System Administrators Day website I went and looked at

and now I've gone and bought stuff… about $100 of stuff… ah well, it was tax refund money!

This one's really sneaky.I love it!

just ornery and wrong and fantastic


it's Pi defined by Pi… I can't help that I'm mathish enough to find this eerily alluring

Finally, it's the best SQL query ever written. short and simple.

Yes, I know, I am teh geekiness, or some such crap.  I own my geekism, I think these shirts are awesome.  "I refuse to be suppressed by society's conformist view" (Danielle, The Uni Years)  The worst part about these shirts is that probably 1/3 of their overall cost is in postage. (being from the US of A)  I've linked to the stuff in case you actually want to know more about it, or make similar geeky purchases, or both.

this is all Oli's fault, how dare she show me stuff. (thankyou Oli)

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