My Insane Computer Setup.

This is my computer Desk, I designed it, and hubby built it.   My Computers are all named after a type of quartz.  from top left to bottom right: Smokey, My Main computer; Amethyst, My previous system, and Rose, my glorious iMac.  There's also my ASUS PDA in the piccy which is currently unnamed.  I have a laptop: Citrine.  I don't sip from the cups of coffee, wine, and other at the same time, the not-wine ones are artefacts from earlier in the day.  Every now and then, I think about redesigning the desk, and then think "naaah". I know, it's a nuts setup, but I hugely recommend a dual monitor setup to anyone who a: does lots of computer stuff or b: has the money to do whatever.  It's a huge productivity boost, I think, subjectively.  I tend to have email open on one, and work on code on the other, or have code open on the widescreen, and the page that it produces on the standard.  There's something incredible about being able to see the code and the result at the same time.

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