Interface THIS Mk II

Well, The "redesign" has happened.  It's CRAP.  He listened to a couple of the things I said, completely missed almost -everything- the client said.  And now they've spent god-knows-how-much on a designer, It looks like we're "fixing" it. Huzzah.

Maria (Client) explained herself -very- well.  I'm left wondering who was actually t the meeting, because if it was really the designer, then I don't think he was there mentally.  She said "get rid of this bit, we want that bit to be full screen, and this bit is supposed to behave like this"  he's ignored most of that, and got the other bit completely wrong.  oh, 3 weeks to go before we have to present this rotten thing to the world! *cries*  He also didn't design a page I specifically asked him to.  Well, that's one design company I won't be advising people to go to.

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2 thoughts on “Interface THIS Mk II

  1. God, you poor thing! Is there anything else that needs doing server-side-script-wise, or is it just the design that needs fixing now?Remember how I swore off any and all freelance projects once my last job came to an end? Well, I've taken on another one because I'm desperate for the money (a month full of vet and dental bills can easily change one's mind in that regard). Expect plenty of posts complaining about my own web client hell over the next couple of weeks!

  2. oh, there's still SS Scripting to be written for sure. One of our
    programmers will have to go on design pretty much full time I think…
    I'm expecting that that will be me. (because I have the same eyes our
    client does for design, it seems)there's not much that needs changing, thank God. just the big things though.oh, and I don't know how long this link will last for… but first page looks decent. it's when you click on "Hotel" that the issues become apparent.Hopefully, I'll be the one making the design changes.

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