The Dreaded School of Computing Demo Day…

is today!

We have a big bowl full of lollies to give away, more lollies if those ones run out. I have my business cards to hand out when I'm on. We also have our incredibly sexy my.plan system, (I don't know how we managed to make "my.plan" funky, sexy and enticing, but I think we did!) (glory be to me, who fixed the design as necessary, and to Tom, who rewrote the categories section to include the new design) with its swipe card login and user-tailored interface, and now we need to demonstrate it to the public in general.  Tom and Darren are first, then Emma replaces Tom, Then I replace Darren, and finally Ben replaces Emma.  (We each have a 1-2 hour shift)  we have awesome Team Trainer T shirts with the Trainer logo (A big "T") embroidered on them, along with "<Team Trainer>" and our names.  Yay for my mother-in-law with her many embroidery machines!  I'm feeling really confident and pleased with how things are turning out.  It's all pretty much going according to plan.  I think it's time for my coffee though.  I'll blog about how it went, and I'm -definitely- taking screen shots to put up here soon.

I'm so happy, my hair looks decent, I have parking all paid for until well after Demo Day ends, when all is said and done, I'm feeling awesome, I even got a good night's sleep last night.

If you're local, drop by and see me! School of Computing, uTas Launceston, Newnham Campus, just follow the arrows in the SoC and you'll find us.

Love you all,

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One thought on “The Dreaded School of Computing Demo Day…

  1. Good luck! It sounds very exciting. I admire your preparation skills. For our graduate exhibition we managed to print out some colour A3 posters and stick them on the cupboards and that's about it. T-shirts and lollies are a brilliant marketing strategy!

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