Why I love Wifi…

Well… I'm sitting in a lecture theatre bored out of my brains, and I can sit here on my laptop looking like I'm doing an excellent job of taking notes, when instead, I'm just tapping out this blog entry to you…

That is why WiFi is one of the most awesome technologies around.  my laptop has 0 cords hanging out of it (courtesy of my battery) and I can still get on the net and screw around.

The fact that my uni has a great WiFi infrastructure really helps.  I can go to any of my lecture theatres with my laptop and connect and surf/research/work/blog/play.

Love your WiFi, you know you want to.

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2 thoughts on “Why I love Wifi…

  1. That was soooooo much fun. Especially when we got Olivia in on the act!Those were great days… we could totally do that now though… it's not like you actually -do work- after all. 😛

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