Idolatry, Hollywood be thy name

I was sitting here using my computer for the universal purpose of playing solitaire, TV going in the background, and some vapid Entertainment News show came on.  And it occurred to me, as it occurs to me occasionally, that I'm supposed to be interested in what Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lopez, or Christina Aguilera are doing on a day to day basis.  But I'm not.  Call me what you will, but I have better things to do with my time than wait on gossip about Britney's kids.  Why is it that we're supposed to care about what these people do or how they act?  There are people who are actually important who do not get the sort of attention that these people do.  These people *tell stories*, they're great at it, but their whole world is based on the concept of a lie!  These are not people we should be looking up to, they make their living by lying!  Yet the world seems fascinated by them.  I'd understand if these people were important.  Knowing that John Howard or Kevin Rudd attended an anti-gay rally may well affect how I vote and thus how the country is run.  Angelina Jolie's attempts to make kids lives better are laudable, and deserve praise, but no more than other people who are adopting the overseas kiddies.  The kids are cute, but they won't change my day to day life like the local dictator or the government in general will!

These people have no claim to fame other than being attractive and/or talented and/or rich.  There is no guarantee that they have any intelligence (which is not saying that none of them have it, by the way)  but their endorsement of a product is worthless! Are they actually going to sit down and look at what they're evaluating?  do they have the ability to figure out if it's doing what it claims to do?  probably not.  I commend Pink for saying the stuff she has, but why was she given more of an ear than any of the other thousands who have beemn saying this for years?

Hollywood Celebs are good at what they do.  They deserve praise for that.  But not more than Doctors, Scientists, Teaches, Nurses, the Boags Forklift Drivers, etc.  So, I've ranted about it, but I have no idea really what to do about it.

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