New Phone, Shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny….

Where to begin… the beginning.
About November last year, Hubby got a call from Telstra, selling new phones, I posted about it in Freedom, Telstra Corp Must Die, and The Telstra Saga Finishes. Well, we got no reception.  Bugger.  Well I complained, and Telstra said that they basically didn't care, and that was about 12 months ago.  Then we find out Telstra's going to can our ISDN Home account at the end of next year for no reason we can fathom, and they try to push Wireless Broadband down our throats… No sale, we get no reception.
"Really?" says the Telstra Rep, "Looking at the map here you should get some signal, what Handset are you using?" 
"Samsung A701" replies hubby.
"I think those have been recalled, Oh it looks like you can probably get landline ADSL anyway, but call faults to ask about the recall."

I called faults, and there was no recall, but there was a very helpful guy who said that we should never have been given these handsets.  He also says that there's no way in hell wireless broadband would be suitable for us.  He puts in a recommendation to the Telstra PR people that we be given new handsets.  Got the call today to say that we'd been approved, and to take our old handsets in and we'd have the remainder of our contract terminated free of charge, and would then be able to get new ones.  I got a Nokia N95 and Hubby Got a ZTE 165 (aka Telstra 165 Country Phone)

Still no reception, but this phone is supposed to be one of the best for coverage, and it's a v. nice phone.  They'll bring out a house antenna for it soon, and then I'll be able to get coverage at home. 😀

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