I just read this.

And thus I posted:
Actually, most of that article has been lifted straight from emails that go around from time to time.  I haven't had this version, and whoever has done this one has at least had the sense to remove the statement that "In God We Trust" is on the money.  It was obviously from America originally.

The first couple of paragraphs change each time.  The last one I got was a woman who wanted to have her drivers' license photo taken with her veil on.

In Australia, there's not any real public debate about whether it is appropriate to display anything religious on school walls.  (apart from anti-any-religious-group stuff).

Most Moslems believe in God too.  "Allah" is literally translated "God"

When did Howard supposedly say this(August 25th, 2005, according to iht)?  we had our federal election in November, and it was determined that Howard had lost by December.

There is a certain amount of assimilation that needs to occur from any migrant moving here, but we need to have some tolerance as well.  For the record, the people who are griping about the flag (to my knowledge, at least) are the people from whom the land was stolen a little over two centuries ago.

What Pledge?  The Pledge of Commitment?  Most Australians have never taken a pledge in their life!

As for Christian Beliefs.  We're presently at about 2/3 Christian as at the 2006 Census. (12,685,836 Christians of 19,855,288 Australians)  I'm a Deist, but come from a Christian background, and while I have a fondness for the faith, it's not for me.  It seems that the major monotheisms (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) all wind up having their version of the Crusades at a certain point in their religious life cycle.  From my understanding of the topic, Islam is actually a bit late in having theirs. Judaism documented their Crusades in the Old Testament, Christianity had The Crusades in (I think) the 11th-14th centuries and Islam was formed around 600AD-1200.  This is not saying that I think that it's right.  It's saying that just because Christianity has been through it, it is not superior to Islam in any particular way.
It bugs me how this stuff keeps bubbling to the surface.

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2 thoughts on “ugh!

  1. Thanks for posting the link. I went through to that person's blog and added my own comments.To be fair I think that while the speech is obviously fake it did sum up Little Johnny's attitudes quite well. The problem is that they failed to note that the inflammatory statements being issued by government ministers were a) in response to specific things said by a controversial Islamic cleric, b) constantly mentioned that we live in a secular state and that if people wanted a theocracy they'd have to go overseas (not something the Christian right-wing would want to hear!), and c) the Australian public voted the bugger out last November so plainly he doesn't reflect current Australian attitudes.For a more accurate spin on the previous government's statements about Muslim immigrants I'd check out Snopes.

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