QotD: Can’t Do Without…

What food item would you miss the most if it were removed from your diet and recipes? 
Submitted by scorpion1116.  

one of chicken, garlic, onion, Sweet Chilli Sauce.  I don't just make garlicky chicken though… have you ever tried my chickeny garlic? 😛

I don't much like cooking beef.  so I eat a lot of chicken, and I love stir-fries.  and my usual stir-fry starter base:
Ginger, Garlic, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Onion.  So… (I use the last 3 in a great number of other dishes, almost all my savoury dishes have a dash of Sweet Chilli Sauce in them, a bit of garlic, and (at least part of) an onion.)

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