5 thoughts on “My Hair Day

  1. Thanks EWQ!we put blond through my hair using a streaking cap, and then just blodged on the blue dye. My hair's naturally the dark brown you can see, so the blue doesn't show up on anything bar the blond.given the positive response, I'll do it again. But not when I'm applying for jobs. C knows what I'm talking about. I applied for a job, and hadn't heard back for months. I figured "fuckit" and put the colour through my hair. The very next weekday (I colour on Saturdays so it can settle before I have to go to uni or whatever) I got a call asking for an appointment for an interview the next week. I tried all sorts of things to get it out, and baking soda with the shampoo seemed to work best. But I was still left with a real blue tinge for weeks afterwards.

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