Angry about Ledger

I'm sick of hearing about him.  Well, no, I'm not, but I am sick of hearing all sorts of unfounded rumours, particularly when they are spouted by the same mouth that says "We'll have to wait for the autopsy before we really know anything"  Then stop talking you daft woman! It really bugs me that these people who claim to love Heath Ledger can't stop dragging his name through the mud claiming that "this video will unlock the secret of Ledger's Death" (talking about a video 2 years old which shows him doing drugs).  No, that video won't.  You really want the autopsy, y'know real facts?  Misinformation and rumour mills really piss me off.  It's even worse when it's passed off as news, and not just celeb gossip, like it has been recently.  (at least, I know it was on Today Tonight, and I think on "Today", as well)

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