From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! (aka bye-bye Telstra)

A Wise Woman once said to me that there are times when the english language really lets you down.  I understand what she means.  (Thankyou C's mum.)

There comes a point where no word can describe the amount of frustration, anger, and annoyance that you feel.  I call that point: Telstra.

People say they hate things all the time, when they really mean they just dislike them.  hate is the opposite of love, it's equal in its enthusiasm, just opposite in its direction.

I used to hate Telstra, or say that I did, at least, I really just wanted them to get it right. Now, I don't, now I'm passionate about exposing their incredible fuckups to the world.  I wish that I had never had the misfortune of dealing with them in the first place. Long story short, Don's mobile is malfunctioning.  I took it in to the local Telstra Shop on Monday, and they said "you have to call the manufacturer, and they'll send a satchel for you to use."  Here in Tasmania at least, Harvey Norman was forced to accept (and continue to accept) iPods for warranty repair, since Return to manufacturer is not considered a valid warranty system. I called Don and let him know, and he called the manufacturer who told us to return it to the place of purchase, and then he called telstra, whose call centre left a note on the account to say that the Telstra shop should accept the phone back since it's a warranty claim.

I returned to the telstra shop today.  They refused to take the mobile phone as a warranty claim.  I handed Don over to the manager to see if he could sort it out (Don's a bit more forceful than I).  No.  So he called Telstra, who said that yes, the Telstra Shop in Brisbane St, Launceston, is legally required to accept the phone for warranty purposes.  Telstra have sent the Telstra Store in question an email saying that they need to call us to arrange the warranty stuff before 4 tomorrow.  Now… call me cynical, but I'm not expecting a phone call.  The call centre guy has even said that given the circumstances, he would not be surprised if Telstra allowed Don to cancel the contract free of charge.

If the Telstra Shop don't do soemthing proper about it, We're taking them to Fair Trading, the ACCC, The Telecommunications Ombudsman, and putting in a recommendation to Telstra that they be stripped of the franchise name since they're ignoring any statements that Telstra staff are making on our accounts.(and considering getting in touch with Today Tonight/A Current Affair)

If nothing else, avoid the Brisbane St, Launceston branch of the Telstra Shop like the plague.

We're shifting our Broadband, and our landline, and possibly Don's mobile across to another provider or two.

Fuck You, Telstra.

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8 thoughts on “From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! (aka bye-bye Telstra)

  1. Bravo! Telstra reflects the corporate personality of the pond scum that is Sol Trujillo. I complained to the TIO over Telstra mismanagement and overcharging in my mobile account, as well as them sending me bills even after I cancelled the service. The TIO are a bunch of girlyskirts. Sol's butt is covered in big, wet Ombudsman smooch marks.Good luck with it. Telstra blows chunks.

  2. Wow. Now that is a fuck-up of monumental proportions. I used to work in telecommunications (not for Telstra, thank gods) and I thought I'd heard all of the horror stories possible. This one takes fuckwittery to a brand new incompetent level.I had an ex who worked for Telstra. He was a complete fuckwit and an arrogant arsehole to boot. He probably has nothing to do with this debacle, but I thought it was worth saying. It demonstrates a pattern of Telstra hiring twats if nothing else.Good luck. I hope despite all of our expectations that they do phone you before 4 and they sort this out with minimum full possible. Sure it's a slim hope, but it would make life so much easier if they actually did something right for once.

  3. hate isn't the opposite to love because it means you still care. indifference is the opposite to love. it means you don't care. that's what i think anyway.

  4. I disagree (obviously) but here's why…what is the opposite of 1? is it zero because one represents something, and zero represents nothing? or is it -1, which is the same amplitude but in the opposite direction? as a computery-mathsy-person, I think that it's -1. That's my definition of an opposite, equal amplitude, 180 degree direction change.

  5. does logic follow psychological behaviour consistantly then? giggles silly dylan you are always easy to drag into debate. yes the defined version of love and hate are opposites, but the feelings in a person are not a sequence of determined events. you care if you hate you care if you love. if you are indifferent you don't care at all which is the opposite of what love is. this conversation is already delicious. is a deviant subjective statement. that only applies cause of the way i'm considering what i'm saying. which isn't easy to demonstrate in language.

  6. I think we're looking at different value types… you're looking at this as a scalar value (just an amplitude), where I'm looking at it as a vector (amplitude and direction). for your definition of the problem, love and hate are equivalent, because you're really just looking at how far away from indifferent someone is, where I'm drawing a line from absolute love, through indifference (at "zero"), and to absolute hate on the other side.What we have is a problem of definition. What is an opposite? Should two words be defined where each is always the opposite of the other, or is it possible for one concept to have multiple opposite concepts on the other side of the equation. to explain, if the opposite of love is indifference, and the opposite of hate is indifference, then what is the opposite of indifference?Is something really the opposite of something else if that something else merely expresses its absence? Is the opposite of matter a vacuum (absence of matter), or is it anti-matter?

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