The Telstra Saga Concludes(ish)

Well… well well well…

We complained to Telstra about Don's mobile.  eventually (after going back and forth to the Telstra shop 50km away) Telstra cancelled Don's contract, and re-signed him with another phone.  it arrived, we sent the phone back, and they actually got the charges right on it…

We noticed a couple of erroneous charges on the bills, including ISDN charges for two months since we were switched over to ADSL (which is actually incompatible with ISDN). 

Anyway, we put in a complaint to the TIO, seeking compensation for the 50 odd hours we've been on the phone to telstra, and the 400km we've driven because of their stuff-ups, and after they said "we can't do anything for you because there's no loss of business." We called Telstra again, and after calling them 3 or 4 times, and another 60 min of being on hold, they eventually gave us some credit.  Actually, a lot of credit. Unless you consider it in a per-hour way, where I'd earn more at McDonalds. 

So we're changing ISPs, and we're waiting to make sure that the credits are applied correctly before we bugger off to Soul for our landline.  Since Telstra have the best mobile coverage here in Tas, (by a huge way, Optus coverage is about 20km away, and is patchy even in Launceston itself)  we're staying with them for our mobiles…. but that's it.

So yes, that's what's going on.

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