Freaky, freaky dreams

I'm never going to bed early again.  I don't care how tired I am.
I went to bed about 9 last night because I was exhausted, and I had the strangest dream.

I dreamt that one of my dear friends said something incredibly flippant, yet insanely intelligent, and I retorted with "I love you so much, I could just marry you!" Well… She pondered for a second and said "I accept" at which point I cut to the end of the wedding, and the traditions were all wrong, She was carrying me down the steps, she was wearing her traditional sleeveless top and shorts, while I was all tuxxed up.  We didn't have a reception that I saw (which is understandable, she's a pensioner, and I'm a student). I don't remember seeing Don there at all, and I do remember when we got back to her house I was thinking "Oh God what have I done?"  Her partner was there, and it seenmed like she wasn't going anywhere, and it didn't seem right for her to be going anywhere either.   The three of us and some random scruffy guy who was paying rent to my friend (I knew, because I heard her talking to someone on the phone saying "yes, I've got the rent from him") were all sleeping in single beds in the same room.  And Don wasn't there, and I felt like crying, and I couldn't, because it'd be really weird for everyone else.

It was all VERY Strange.

And then I woke up at 3AM or so. Thank God! I think it's about the only time I've ever been glad to be awake at 3AM in my entire life!

Anyways, It was odd, and I needed to talk to someone about it!
lucky you! 😀

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