Weight loss week 6:

*cough cough*  I've been sick… that has meant all sorts of things from cheesecake to takeaway.  Having said that, I still lost 0.1 of a kg.  (about .25 of a pound, Kite)

I've also noticed that the girls at the pharmacy (where I get weighed) have been adding the weights wrong… 110.9-100.6 is 10.3, not 9.7, silly girl!  Why are you cheating me out of my "Wow! 10kg!"  I might point it out next time.  I did figure out where they mucked it up though.  (It comes from only subtracting from the previous weight and adding to the running total, rather than checking against the original weight.)

So, this week was not good for the waist, or my throat, but it was kinda good for the soul.  And I haven't been able to eat as much as I used to.  I mean, I felt physically bloated after about 1/2 my previously normal meal.  So… if nothing else it's helping in that regard! yay!

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One thought on “Weight loss week 6:

  1. Good job! 😀 I also love "takeaway" instead of "takeout." hehe. I just love hearing expressions I'm not used to.
    I get weighed at the plasma center everytime I donate, and I always weigh less than what I do if I get on the scale at Curves. Grr.. A pound or two, but still! Why can't they be the same?

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