A View of the Room

As opposed to a Room with a View.

The bed I bought was picked up yesterday.  Don brought his ute, got me from uni, and we went to get the bed.
This is a ute we bought about a month ago, on Don's brother's recommendation, from a friend of his.  It didn't get us home the day we bought it.  Anyhoo, it was fixed ($2500 later) and we went to pick up the Bed from the Fantastic Furniture Warehouse.   Don's ute broke down again.  Same problem, only this time, he managed to make somethign go *clunk* and make noises when the car's being pushed.  This is NOT good, as far as I can tell.

Anyway, thanks to the members of the family we're still speaking to (ie everyone who isn't his brother) we were able to get the bed to my new Launceston place, and they've lent Don one of their cars for the duration of the repairs.

Bloody cars.

Anyway! the bed's there, and now I have pictures!

That is all.

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Straightening up the house

I saw this in a forum that I post in, and I found it really touching, somehow.  Maybe because I have friends who straighten up the house when their parents are likely to come calling.  I might send it to a couple of them.

Written by Romanovsky And Phillips:

Straightening Up The House

Sometimes getting the house ready for Mom & Dad's visit requires
more than a dust rag and some Pledge…)

Today I took the nudes down off the wall
Ten minutes after I received her telephone call
She'll be here Friday morning so there's not much time to clean
Better hide the Advocate and Mandate magazine
We'll redecorate the guest room so it looks like it's been used
Separate our wardrobes or she'll really be confused
Then get ready for a lonely week of sleeping on the couch
We're straightening up the house

Tomorrow I will put away your gay pride shirts
And our Halloween assortment of jewelry, pumps and skirts
Then pack up all the books by Quentin Crisp and Rita Mae
And the "His & His" towels that you bought me yesterday
And you'd better hide the albums by that lesbian group
She has no ear for music, but she has been known to snoop
And remember not to kiss me, just forget that you're my spouse
Straightening up the house

The snapshots of the two of us in Spain will have to go
Don't tell me this is totally insane, because I know
And I cannot wear the wristwatch with our names engraved in gold
The one that says "I love you, John, with all my heart and soul"

This is our first Christmas here in our new home
In a hostile world, it's our only safety zone
I never should have promised I'd continue with this lie
But Dad was so certain if she found out she would die
But if it's killing anyone I think it's killing me
'Cause it tears me up inside to hide my true identity
And asking you to help me makes me feel like such a louse

I'm thirty-two years old, why am I acting like a mouse?
I'm a man and he's my lover
If she freaks out she'll recover
C'mon and help me to just CLEAN the house

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Room with a View

Well, Here are the photos that I've taken from the house I'm living in in town.

So this is from the kitchen.  That's the Laundry that you can see on the left.  The irony is that it would have the greatest view of the whole house and it's a LAUNDRY!

That's Newstead, and probably West Launceston that you can see.

The Porch is directly behind the toilet.  It seems that whoever designed the house didn't think about views when they built it.  The Bedrooms are closest to the street, and the views are almost all blocked by walls!

My housemate's kitten, "Kitty".  Isn't she cute?

The view from the kitchen at night.  Innit pretty?

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QotD: Is That Your Final Answer?

Who is your favorite game show host of all time?

The Australian Miss Cornelia. "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!"
The foreign ones are useless at being scathing and sarcastic enough to come anywhere close to OUR Miss Cornelia.

My most hated would be the one who seems to be running all of Channel Ten's gameshows at the moment.  You know who I mean, the guy who runs Deal or No Deal here…  If I was one of his contestants, I'd wait till I won the prize, and then punch his lights out. "THAT is for being an idiotic jerk!"  The prize would be spent on legal fees.

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Well… a lot's happened in the last few days, and I'm not 100% sure where to begin.  Friday, I think.

on Friday night I suggested to Don that it might be worth asking my friend J whether he'd be interested in renting a room to us.  Don said that he wasn't interested in moving to town for just a room, but that it was worth me investigating as a weekday residence. (to cut down on the hour-long commute & save km on the car).  On Saturday, I called J and put the idea forward.  It was pretty weird.  Mainly because he'd been thinking about renting it out but had no idea about who he could rent it to.  So it was timing-weird, not people-weird.
We chatted for a bit about it, and then I asked The Question. 
"How much would you want?"
He said that he didn't know.  I toild him that he didn't have to tell me right away, and he should think about it.
Later I got an sms asking what I was wanting to pay for the room.  I told him, and he was happy with the price.  He suggested splitting it.  Which seemed fine to me.  Then I fire off the next big Question.
he doesn't know.  when would I like to move in?
I tell him Monday, if he's OK with it.  He is.
I'm now living in town Mon-Fri.  Not having Don or Pico there sucks already though 😦
As a bonus, I never realised what a great view J's place had.  The kitchen basically looks out over the city.  I'll add some photos of the daytime view later.  I think part of the city was suffering from power failure, so I'll take some night photos tonight.

I'm excited!  It's great that I'll be living in town while The Posse (J & C) are both still there.  I mean, J has no intentions of moving anywhere anytime soon, but still.
Also, I bought a new bed (J's spare is a single, and it would be good for Husband to be able to stay if/when he wants to) and some bedisde drawers.  These will go into the new house when we buy it as spare-guest furniture (probably, depends on how much we like the bed.  It may graduate to Master Bedroom yet.

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QotD: Words of Wisdom

Where do you go for advice?

It depends.  Usually I ask C.  Often the Ladies of the Vox.  And often my dear friend Peter who's been in Launny for years and years.  And provided it's not advice about Don (hubby), I ask Don too.
I aim to get advice from people who are likely to know what they're on about.

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QotD: What, no horses?

I am a farmer who raise ducks and cows. The animals have a total of 9 heads and 26 feet. How many ducks and cows do I have?
Submitted by The BlueTie.

4 Cows and 5 Ducks

a) 26=4c+2d

b) 9=c+d









knowing that c=4 and d=9-c, d=9-4=5

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