My beautiful voxerhood…

Hi folks! weight update later today.  Right now this is about you lot.

It just occurred to me that the Vocal Women, my Ladies of the Vox. Are all gorgeous.  Not just on the inside, you're all really pretty.  Seriously!
Kite, you are.  Just accept that you're pretty and be done with it.
NerdyGirl and OxygenGirl are really pretty too.
EWQ always manages to look the glamourous gorgeous moviestar in what I see of her
Esta86… you're the hot younger brother knocking up chicks (she knows it's a compliment girls)
blue_chili, you always look elegant, even in just a T-shirt and jeans, your clothes always look like they were made specially for you.
Kainess, you have a beautiful face (if that's what you had as your avatar last time I saw it)(I can't comment on the rest since the face is all I've seen)

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