Oh no she didn’t!

I thought long and hard about what to write for this entry, and how to say it without breaking the confidentiality of the group.  I think I've anonymised it enough that you'd have to have been there to know who is whom.

OK, You might remember me talking about L who went off to the city in the sky?
(See "How the Ultra-Religious piss me off")

Well, she's at it again.

She has spirits, apparently, who take her stones. she had 7 and then she had none, and now she has two.  Right there I'm like wtf?  people who are dead are among us and have nothing better to do with their existence than hide things on you and give them back occasionally?

Anyway, Then she went and talked about the Pope's Apology. You know the one I mean.  But she doesn't stop at the Pope.  She moves on to all Catholics.  I'm mildly horrified, as the person sitting next to her completed his seminary and was barred from ordination by false accusations.  She doesn't know *that* but she knows he's a Catholic, we'll call him C.  She then goes on about how Catholics this and Catholics that, But the Uniting church never… and I see C getting a bit steamed.  So I jump in and say that it's a) not all Catholic congregations, nor all Catholic Priests, nor all Catholic anythings which are like that.  She tries to talk me around, and when she starts, C blows his top and says "You've had a problem with the Catholic Church since the beginning! Check your sources, here are documents X,Y, and Z, published in A, B, and C, which talk about Contraception, Homosexuality, and Primacy of Conscience, and what the public believes them to say is not in fact what they actually say."  She then went on with her "I Hate" statements.  The whole group is essentially telling her to shut up, and that you can't pin that on the Catholics, since that was around before the Bible had even begun to be written (War) And you can't pin *this* on the catholics, for the same reason.

No apology, no "I'm sorry if I offended you" just a begrudging, "I suppose so"

I don't get how she thinks that it's OK to say those things. 

Oh, last month, I pulled her up on her Friday "I'm an Atheist" to Tuesday "I'm converting the World to Uniting Church"
She'd seen me the Friday before the meeting (a month ago) and she actually told Don and I "I'm thinking about becoming and atheist. But I'll keep going to church."
Well, apart from making veiled statements about that being hypocritical when she was talking to us, she then said at TasUnity that she was always trying to convert people to the Uniting Church.
I said in a sickly sweet voice (you know, the one that has the bejeweled drag queen holding the neon sign saying "WARNING, LEADING QUESTION, TRAP AHEAD") "Oh, So that's what you were doing when we saw you on Friday!"
"Yeah, I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch and tell her she should come."
Success. She took the bait perfectly.  I leant back in my chair, folded my arms, and in a smooth, crisp voice said "]=Was that before or after you were telling us you were thinking about becoming an atheist?"
Gasps from around the room.
"I was thinking about it, but my grandmother talked me out of it that evening."
"Oh." says I, and leaves it at that, my point made, without actually saying it.
It was:
TasUnity, You cannot trust this girl.  She will tell you what you want to hear, and not what she really thinks.  She's been lying to at least one of us.
I personally don't care if she becomes an atheist or stays Christian.  If she becomes an atheist I think they may have to reconsider their name of The Brights though.  I just wish, that in a group whose foundation is an assumption of honesty (not necessarily of full disclosure, but honesty) and confidentiality, that she'd say what she thought, rather than what she thinks we want to hear.  It just serves to divide the group.

Rant Over (for now)

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