Weight Loss Week 14

Well, you know how last week I needed to lose 0.4kg to get back to where I was?

I lost 1.9kg baby! (4 lb, for you poor souls in the US!)

That takes me down to 95.2kg (209 lb)

which means what? Well, I started at a bit over 115kg, (253lb) so….

I've lost at least 19.8kg(~43.5lb) since February this year!!!!!!

Oh, My, God.  This is why maths is cool. *laughs*


Tony Ferguson Head Office has asked my TF Agency to put forward some people as potential promo folks.  They've (My Agency) asked me if (if I fit the criteria, which they read to me and were equally confused by) I'd be interested in being a Tony Ferguson posterboy!  (Includes $250/month to go towards fruit etc for the next 6 months).  Apparently, I've been one of their biggest losers!

I am so psyched!

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