I’ve got the shakes man….

I just saw this Internet Addiction Test today.
OK, fine, I can see people saying in a bar, "you have a drinking problem, you need help."
these guys have an online support group though, which prompts the "WTF were they THINKING!?!" response in me.  someone else commented that this is kinda like holding an AA meeting in a pub.  Admittedly, this would be a good way for AA to raise attendance, but I don't know that it's appropriate.

Is this like a drug-dealer running the rehab clinic at his crack-house?

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One thought on “I’ve got the shakes man….

  1. An internet addicts club that's held on the internet. Oi vey.
    My nieces should join though. I've never seen 2 girls more obsessed over computer time in my life.

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