Screwing with Perfection…

Today was pretty crappy.

I mean, it was a great day, but there were two significant events that were crap, one I knew would be, and the other was a complete surprise.

The pre-planned crappiness was putting Cariad on the boat.  We had a great time, but it took pretty much everything I had not to cry while she was hugging J goodbye.  I knew that moment when the goodbye became real was gonna feel pretty shitty.  Having said that… Cariad, I'm glad you're going to do this for you!  I'm glad you're going to experience real independence! But most of all, I'm glad I'm moving somewhat closer to Brisbane.  We might actually get to see each other!

The surprise crappiness occurred on the way home from the boat.  Some idiot at Andy's Bakery (Westbury) decided that it would be a great idea to put apricot jam on top of Pecan Pie!  Pecan Pie should be Crust, Pecans, and brown-sugary-caramel-stuff.  End of Story.  Apricot Jam on Pecan Pie is messing with perfection, and should be legally prohibited.  (I loooooooove Pecan Pie.  It pains me when it's screwed up, esp since it's so easy to get right!)

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7 thoughts on “Screwing with Perfection…

  1. I disagree. The Choc-Mint Swirl Cookie that I had from them was heavenly, and I usually love their Peppermint slice. The issue was that I strayed from the One True Path of Andy's and went for the evil I'd not tried from there before.

  2. My comment was not pertaining to their ability to make food that tastes good. More their ability to make food that complies with health and safety regulations.

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