Seriously!?! Rude!

as part of the Gladstone plans I fired up my account on a week ago and changed my location to Gladstone. (I'm

For those of you who don't know, gaydar is kinda like a gay dating site.  Except you can say "just looking for friends" and you can say who with.  I explained the situation in my profile, said I was in a relationship, I'm looking for friends so that I'll know someone up there when I get there, yadda yadda.

Up until yesterday all of the messages I've gotten have been decent, they seem like nice guys, and yeah.  But today! Today I received:

"Hi man gee don't expect too much looking the way u do"

My response to this is a bit of shock followed by "Seriously!?! However accurate it might or might not be, that's so uncalled for!  A message like that from out of the blue invokes my "fuck you" reflex.

"yeah thanks. I'm only looking for friends because I've already got a partner. Been together for 4 years. Don't expect too much, acting the way u do…"

What possesses someone to send a message like that? It's not like I'd sent him one before.  Does he feel so inferior that he has to put down random people on the internet?  He would have been attractive if he hadn't sent that message. Isn't it odd how one statement can change how you'd look at someone completely?

My question:
Where have all the manners gone?

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4 thoughts on “Seriously!?! Rude!

  1. How terrible!
    I don't get what's wrong with people these days. And you're right, someone can look great on the outside but once the person starts talking, the words can ruin it all.
    Where have all the manners gone? Besides out the window and down the toilet? People seem to be more self-centered these days. Not sure why. Maybe it's the desire for instant gratification that has taken over. Maybe it's because the average person has to work so hard for what they have and they just don't want to spend any more time thinking outside of work.
    And maybe people are just assholes. Well, not everyone. But a few. 😉

  2. I hate f-in' people who hide behind a computer like that. He's a freakin' twat, pay him no mind.
    You are a handsome (tasmanian) devil. He's probably pissed because he has no chance with you.

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