QotD: Lending a Helping Hand

Have you ever volunteered for something? If so, what?

I've volunteered for heaps of stuff.  Most recent was organising the SoCIS dinner, but if you count my pre-18 involvements I've volunteered as:

  • Online Access Center assistance
  • High School Site Committee member
  • Singer for a number of things
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Youth Leader
  • Worship Leader
  • Leader of Campus Christian group "ID"
  • I don't know whether I can claim my student enterprise stuff as volunteering.
  • Computer teacher for some Ulysses Motorcycle Club members.

So that was the pre-18 stuff, post-18 I've been a volunteer:

  • on the Working It Out Steering Committee
  • in Fruity Bits
  • organising QSOC functions
  • Christmas Bowl Appeal fundraiser
  • Sheet-music sorter
  • Singer for this and that
  • Counsellor for Working It Out
  • Proofreader
  • Marker
  • Tutor

It looks like my pre-18 stuff was far more religious than my post-18 stuff. 
I think I've made a bigger difference in my post-18 stuff than in my pre-18 stuff.

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