Houses, pets, and awesomeness

hey guys!
It's been ages since I've written a personal entry here. (thought I'd try a little bit of tech journalism too)

I wanted to let you know that Don and I are well on the way to purchasing a house in Gladstone.
We've got 2 inspections to get the results of, and we'll know for sure.

The house is

It's 3 bedroom, high-set (garage under the house) 6 foot (dog-proof) fences around it.  Nice place, and at a good price.

So, we're somewhere that we're able to have dogs!  That means that Don and I can have the ones we've wanted!

Don wants a Belgian Shepherd, he's called a breeder, Mirribandi, who's got a bitch about to come into season.
Mother –
Father –

I'm getting a maltese, and unfortunately, my breeder's not very IT-savvy (edit: she's much better than I orignally inferred, and she's a quick learner to boot), so we've not seen photos of her pups (she has some pups at 7 weeks old at the moment.  the breeder's schneewichen, and if you search for schneewichen maltese, you'll find a couple of her dogs' offspring, but no examples of her actual dogs. 

So!  Things are going swimmingly, and the house is just around the corner from some friends of ours, so yay being near people we know!

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2 thoughts on “Houses, pets, and awesomeness

  1. The house is on a corner, so there's a house behind our new place, and a set of units just over the boundary to the left of the photo – Take a look at the google map on the link in "Satellite" mode

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