Meeting Alva


Well, that worked surprisingly well!

Meet Alva (formally Schneewichen Rosebud Hevn "Alva"), my little girl. I pick her up the weekend after we move into the house!  in the top set of photos, there are two puppies… Alva, and her sister Livia.  They're 9 weeks old at the moment.  Aren't they cuuuuuuuuute! 😀

The breeder is a retired vet nurse (edit: she's done vet nursing, but see her response (Cathy Davies)), has beautifully trained dogs, and obviously loves them dearly.  We talked for just on 2 hours, about what's involved with Maltese, etc etc. (oh, and just in case you hadn't figured it out, She's a Maltese.

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5 thoughts on “Meeting Alva

  1. Actually I am not a retired vet nurse. I am a retired industrial chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, with many other formal qualifications. Vet nursing is just one of the things I have done. I decided if I was to breed I needed to know all that I could. That is what I do. My hobby before breeding dogs was car racing. This came about when I was learning to drive. Then I raced cars on grand prix circuits. I do tend to go to extremes. The rest is too long to go into here. Regards, Cathy

  2. left click on the photo you want – this will take you to the full-size picture.Right-click on the full-size picture and click "save image as" and tell it where to put it (or you can left-click and drag the large picture onto your desktop)

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