Hidden treasures appear while unpacking!

I was unpacking my books today, when I came across a very special document.

A lot of my friends now didn't know me then (in fact, none of the Voxerhood did), some of them couldn't make it, but these are the vows that Don and I wrote for our wedding:

Like the roots of the great trees of the forest
I am intertwined with you
Like the river flows on a path set by its bed
I shape you, and you shape me
Like the light and the darkness
Our differences give birth to tremendous beauty
Like the notes of a song
When we are together, we are more than both of us apart
Like the muscle and bone of my body
You are my support
Like the light of the sun on a summer's day
I bask in the warmth of your presence
Like the beautiful paintings on the walls of the world
I have found beauty in you

Your heart speaks to my heart
Your soul speaks to mine
In love, I am yours

I have to say, I'm very proud of this piece of writing, as much for being able to say it now like I said it 3 years ago as for the intrinsic beauty of the words.

Anyway, love to you all!  

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