Alva Arrives


Here she is… for some reason the photos have been turned 90 degrees.  Just turn your head so that her nose is below both of her eyes, and you'll be looking at her properly.

We got her home, set up her bed with her blanket from Cathy's.  She's curled up and sleeping on one of our cushions instead.  Not that I mind, but we *did* buy her the bed specifically.

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3 thoughts on “Alva Arrives

  1. You mean her eyes aren't supposed to be on the side of her head??You did a computer degree with first class honours and you can't be bothered turning the pics. lolDylan.. why does your dog have a pony tail?

  2. hey, the pics were turned when I uploaded them… Vox has decided that they should be as they are.the pony tail is gone at the moment, it may return, depends on vision impedance and showing decisions.

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