I just made this today…

A layer of dark chocolate, a layer of minty awesomeness, and a layer of dark chocolate.

Recipe is available at:

double to triple the peppermint essence (TFC, I have no idea what you could use instead of essence to make it all minterrific, but ooooh, orange stuff! mmmmmmmmm…)  I have just learned that it is important to let the icing mixture sit for the 2 minutes – otherwise it crystallises too much too fast and the layers fragment when you go to cut it.

very rich and quite sweet – consume in small doses.

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2 thoughts on “Mint-a-licious!

  1. Oh I could use essence – it's extract that I can't. Hehe. I'm pretty sure I've seen peppermint essence at the super before. But if it's very rich and quite sweet…uhh. We'll see. But it sure does look good. 🙂

  2. What I'm finding is that the bit in the middle is the best bit, and it's not as rich or sweet, but it is melt-in-your-mouth yum-nessI'm thinking that I might use it as the basis for a farewell cake I'm supposed to make. make circles of the peppermint and put chocolate letters on the top to spell out "Farewell Kate"

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