Those weird dreams

Well, I've had an odd dream or two in the last month.  Not odd-bad, just odd subject matter.

In the first one, I'm riding a bicycle through a plaza in Singapore. Couldn't tell you why it was Singapore, it was kinda the bottom of a skyscraper which had pebbles-in-concrete and angular concrete going to the main building with arches in it, and little shops on the ground floor accessible from the outside.  Now, the fact that I remember having a dream at all is bizarre in itself.  But in the first one (about a month ago) I was riding with documents in my hand which I had to get to TFC!  I can't remember what they were, but I remember that they were urgent.  I got them to her, and we walked for a couple of minutes before she said she couldn't lunch with me that day, we'd have to arrange another time. Thus Endeth Dream 1.

Dream 2 – which I had this morning, I'm cycling around the same plaza, looking for TFC's work – We'd arranged the lunch we talked about in the previous dream.  (and yes, I was aware that it was a previous dream)  I go cycling and cycling and can't find it, I'm pissed off because I could find it just fine when it wasn't for just the pleasure of her company, and now I'm having trouble.  Then a cop yells at me because there's no cycling in this plaza, so I cycle off and determine that I should text TFC to find out where she works.  I get off the bike and walk for a while in a lush parkland (without texting) then I think about texting her on my iPhone (seriously, the words in my head were "I should text her on my iPhone!") and as I pulled said device out of my pocket I woke up.

I have absolutely no idea what any of this means or why I dreamt it.

Have you been sending me psycho energy TFC?  I mean, I don't tend to dream about girls…

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6 thoughts on “Those weird dreams

  1. Oh, that last line made me chortle! Hehehe. I don't know why you've been dreaming about me – I didn't do anything, I swear! I think this is a sign for you to come visit me already!

  2. I'd love to have you over here! let me know when you can come, and I'll let you know when the school hols are, and then you'll know when I can have you!

  3. Ooh, yay! It's not gonna be this year though, what with the upcoming US trip and (hopefully) new job. But next year – yes! I was thinking of going to Sydney again, anyway. It was too short the previous time. I would love to hang out with you! 😀

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