Playing with WordPress for iphone

I’m waiting at the airport for a friend whose plane hasn’t arrived, and killing time by writing this entry. I’m listening to “Green Mars” by Kim Stanley Robinson.
Waiting takes so long and I haven’t really played with 2-finger typing on the iPhone before. I’m somewhat impressed!
I could see myself really blogging from this platform except for my apparent ability to hit the shift key when I go for the “a” key! I know the plane has been delayed, but there’s no ETA for the flight either!
I had a look at LiveCloud earlier, but it refuses to lt me upload a photo. Simple in it’s way, but important…

Today was not a good day. Problems with he current stuff on he brand new boxes meant that I got 3 machines out for use as opposed to the 7 that I was hoping to get done (and normally would have). So it was stressful, but I get along with the registrar at the school famously, so she was on with it, esp since she knew we had problems… She’s just grateful that she doesn’t need to call the manufacturer and tell them stuff was DOA.

Come on plane… I’m bored and there are games and people at home waiting for me!

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