Shame, Campbell Newman

This has been a hard week to be a Queenslander.  State-sanctioned ceremonies for Civil Unions were repealed.  Then it was announced that the requirement to go before a court to dissolve the relationship was being downgraded to be a simple filling out of a form, and they were being renamed “Registered Relationships“.  Now the LNP/ACL have said (during the debate/vote about the Registered Relationships thing) that they intend to do away with surrogacy options for same-sex couples…  Newman tells us that this will be the last change relating to same-sex couples.  But then, he told us just before the election that he wouldn’t be screwing with the surrogacy laws at all.

Queensland has gone from having some of the best same-sex legislation in the country, firmly denying the calls that QLD is backwards and bigoted, to actively targeting GLBTI members of the QLD community, Taking us to a par with Tasmania’s 2005 Relationships Act (which was amazing at the time because it conferred a whole bunch of rights that “de facto” status now covers – GLBTI couples were granted access to the “de facto” marital status in 2008)  There are no clear benefits to the QLD scheme now, except that I can have a piece of paper to wave at a hospital should my significant other wind up in an emergency situation.

All of this to appease the ACL (And the LNP Faceless Men) and remove any suggestion that a Civil Union might be anything even approaching a marriage.  All this effort to change something that up until it was time to repeal it was considered trivial, a political stunt by QLD Labor.  Indeed, Jarrod Bleijie (Now QLD Attorney-General) characterised the move as “just a distraction from the real issues to get him [Mr Fraser] and his people talking about issues other than what’s important to Queenslanders at the moment.”  So why is it important now?

It appears that Newman is trying to appease his ACL masters.  He admits clearly and unequivocally that this is to appease “the Christian Churches“.

I call for the Australian public to stand up and take notice – this is what happens when Conservative religious right-wing elements hold sway in a political party – the already-marginalised become collateral damage in an effort to appease and enforce religious dogma on a population which is not necessarily Christian.

Is the Campbell Newman method indicative of how Tony Abbott will behave if he attains government?  I hope we never find out.

3 thoughts on “Shame, Campbell Newman

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  2. I certainly hope we’ll never find out, but I expect we will. And I expect we’ll find out he’ll be as vindictive as Campbell Newman. Tony Abbott is more small-minded and superficial than his Queensland counterpart. Whether he can mobilise the federal party as quickly and efficiently as Mr Newman is definitely in question; and the federal party may not want to appear as extreme as the Queensland branch. Two things will affect federal ALP’s chances at the next election: 1. how seriously the Carbon Tax impacts people and how successful they are at pummelling Tony Abbott for his scare-mongering; 2 Finding an effective solution to asylum seekers drowning at sea. So we are in a position where our rights rely on the Federal government’s ability to sell the Carbon Tax and fix people smuggling.

    • Unfortunately, I think you’re right on the money Matthew… People smuggling is a problem that both sides seem resolute not to fix, so all we can do is hope that the Carbon Tax can be sold and sold well!

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