An attitude of Thankfulness

This year, I’ve taken up an opportunity to reflect on each week and post (on Facebook) some of the things I am thankful for.  A friend of mine came up with the idea – she posts one thing every day.  For me, a week helps me find a number of things, but I’ll usually aim for at least 7 items.

Some weeks are easier than others, and I expected this week to be one of the hard ones.  Surprisingly, given the recent legislative changes, this was not the case.

I am thankful:
For dependable friends who contact me regularly – I treasure our conversations.
For friends I can count on to bitch about the government with over Gin – I treasure *our* conversations too.
For the Internet, that shows me the LNP/ACL way of thinking is NOT the way of the the rest of the world.
For friends across the country who send me baked goods, and who I send baked goods to – It’s a fun way to try new things and I love it!
For workmates who understand and sympathise with my situation in relation to the government.
For being able to determine what I want to happen, or not happen, and then having the guts to say so.
For being able to look past a short-term benefit to see a long-term loss, and acting to prevent it.

I am thankful for being gainfully employed in a position strongly related to my degree. I am thankful that I enjoy my work, and that I work with some fabulous people.

I am thankful.

This was the content of my weekly post on Facebook, and I’ve decided that I should include it here.  I would like to encourage you to join me in being thankful – it’s something I try to do on a Sunday night, about 7PM – I’ll be posting it here from now on as well.  If you’d like, I’d love to see the things you all are thankful for, let me know how I can find you!

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